History of Hummus

A delicious blend of tahini, garlic, lemon juice and chickpeas, hummus is a classic dish of the Middle East and Mediterranean, with a long, if murky, history. Tahini is the oily cream paste that is extracted from sesame seeds. Sesame is an annual herb and the seeds grow inside small pods. In the primitive versions

Ramadan Iftaar Muslim Islam Religion Fast Fasting

Ramadan is the month where Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset. Muslims do not consume any food or drink during this period so it is vital that Muslims need to take care of their diet. When people open their fast it is known as Iftaar. Planning your iftaar meals beforehand can help save you a

What’s the Going Rate For a Tooth?

Where is the damn tooth fairy pillow? And can someone go to the bank machine tonight?The Little Nutball lost another tooth last night, her third. We forgot to put it under her pillow and I spirited it away for safe keeping. (Now there’s the sign of an indulged child: she gets whatever she wants so

Reviews: Share Your Mirena Experience

Doctors can only offer textbook advice and a general explanation of what their patients have told them. Unless they use it themselves, except for statistics, they really have no idea what the average women’s experience with Mirena IUC is.  That is what this post is for. There are two purposes for this post. 1. To

Holistic Recipe of the Week: Warm Soba Noodle Salad

With the focus on peanuts earlier this week, I thought I would show you a dish that traditionally would call for peanut butter, but in this case I’ve substituted almond butter. This recipe is in regular rotation in my household because it is super good, and super good for you. It combines nuts (almonds) with

The Health Benefits of Biotin and What Foods Contain It

Biotin is another one of the B complex vitamins and sometimes referred to as vitamin H. It is naturally produced by bacteria, fungi, algae and yeast. Most of the bacteria we naturally produce in our intestines have biotin, which provides us with a hearty source of this vitamin. It can boost the health of blood


The kids are back at school, and we’re heading into fall. I’m sure for most families they’ve started their daily routines, which consist of something along the lines of making sure the kids are picked up on time, dinner is on the table, the pets are taken care of and everyone’s homework is completed before

Personal Review: Get Rid of Back Fat

I’ve worked my way through a lot of weight loss books and courses and get rid of back fat is a common chapter among many of them. I’ve taken a quick look at back exercise examples before but I want to stress this again, the key to weight loss of any kind, fat or otherwise,

How To Remove Red Spots On Skin

How To Remove Red Spots On Skin – Not all skin blemishes necessarily have to be brown. There are also cases in which people attending a dermatology consultation because they do have red spots on skin. See Dermatologist If You Got Them Clearly, if you see red spots appear on the skin, the best thing

Home Remedies For Cold Sores or Blisters That Work!

I struggled with cold sores from my late teens to my late twenties. They are not only very painful, but they can have a huge effect on a person’s mental state. As you can see, I struggled with them through the ‘prime’ of my life. Don’t get me wrong, I have a ton of great